With its infinite potential, WEICOLA boosts business opportunities.

Complete control of your car stock in just a click!


WEICOLA® is the first platform that responds to a new market segment, Automotive Stock Management. It is a digital solution for managing and sharing data, information and images, supporting DMS, designed for the automotive sector, giving the dealer complete control over the stock, thanks to its ability of smartly connecting all the data available in the business.



Unification of data

Unification of the data from several DMS to track where the vehicle comes from.


Management unit

Management of several vehicles coming from a host of companies from a single platform.


Profiles and permits

Management of the groups of users who can view and edit data.


Management via tags

Management of the internal classifications of the vehicles via tags.


Changing prices

Massive price update of the cars on stock through a dedicated procedure.


Dynamic Qrcode

Qrcode automated for each data sheet to generate engagement.


Performance, scalability and reliability

The Weicola solution is designed and implemented with an advanced system performance logic, modularity of the available tools and company data security.


Weicola is a solution which includes an ecosystem of other efficient and fully integrated applications, streamlined to automatically enhance the Dealer’s Business.

Weicola App

The whole car stock in the palm of your hand!

WEICOLA APP will revolutionize your way of doing business and will increase your sales performance exponentially!


Weicola is able to effectively manage a large number of users simultaneously, without the need to upgrade or configure the server infrastructure, where is hosted.

More than this, Weicola allows you to manage multiple profiles for data display both for stock manager and sales consultants; this system, also allows the company to activate access to its external sellers, who will be able to view the data dedicated especially for them.

Full optional sheet

General info

Vehicle data imported automatically from DMS


Price tab with logo of the price changes and trend of the public price online.


Download posters generated automatically by Weicola and the data sheet without prices.

Pictures of vehicles

Pictures imported automatically from the Shooty app or uploaded manually.


Dynamic application of marketing watermarks.

Publication on Portals

Precise management of the advertisement on portals thanks to templates.

Pictures of vehicles

Weicola has a “Shooty” App for snapshots and automatic uploading of the vehicle advertisement, or a convenient additional “drag-and-drop” system to manage other pictures.
There are also features for rearranging the pictures and identifying the main picture, referring both to the Weicola preview and to export to other portals.


Watermark management

The WI-Media system pushes the management of marketing watermarks of the picture to the limit;
the application of watermarks is dynamic and autonomously customised by the dealer, implemented according to a new method providing greater flexibility and efficiency.
Now the application of watermarks is also possible for: type of machine, specific brand, model or precisely for number plate and/or chassis.


A dedicated panel has been introduced to control exports towards the website and advertisement portals integrated with Weicola. Therefore now there is an overall view of exported cars available, with the possibility of both single and massive management, based on specific searches and groupings.
The panel also signals any lack of the available data of a vehicle, which can jeopardise or affect the publication online.

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The Weicola solution is hosted on a specific Virtual Data Centre on Amazon Web Services, a redundant high performance and resilience cloud system.

Amazon Web Services


Weicola publishes the offers on stock separated by dedicated advertisement Banners using some algorithms customisable by the dealer and based on the specific kiosks (monitors) of the different areas, acceptance, showroom used, new showroom, workshop.


You have an entire platform available to fully and quickly manage your car stock.

Weicola® is a registered trademark owned by Web Industry Srl

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